Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A longer than scheduled absence...

It never ceases to amaze me just how busy life can be. One minute you are coasting along, not much going on in life, the next you barely have enough time to sleep. Seems like that has been the case for Shell and, well, since late March.

Where to start... well, I paddled some between my last posting and the Hotel Charley premiere. Headed back to the Bruno Mtn. Section of the Santiam much to my delight. It was running at about 1200 CFS, which was about 300 CFS higher than the day Aaron and I ran it way back in spring 2007. Paddled the Hood in the weeks after that, which is always a good time.

The Hotel Charley premiere was great! Shell and I were joined by a bunch of friends to paddle the Middle White Salmon beforehand, which was running at a fun 3 feet. Shell and I went down to visit my parents in Bend to celebrate Easter and my mom's birthday. Had my first round of golf that weekend, which for a former golf professional is a sobering, frustrating and magical experience.

The following weekend, Shell and I drove up to see our friends, Lanson and Mandi Oukrop, to join them for the opening weekend of the Yakima Valley vineyards. It was a blast... Lanson and I got a couple of rounds of golf in, which was great fun!

Shell and I got a Friday paddle on the Clackamas in the following week with some friends. The river was running about 2100 CFS, which is one of the best flows for that section, in my opinion. We had a great dinner afterwards at Gustav's Pub in Clackamas, which prompted my buddy Aaron and I to reminice about our respective trips to Germany after graduating from high school.

Last weekend I traveled back to Michigan to retrieve the contents of my storage area and have it moved to mine and Shell's home here in Portland. While I was there I got to spend some quality time with my best friends from law school, which prompted me to realize that you should never allow yourself to have 2 year gaps between seeing friends... it is far too long!

This coming weekend, I'm heading down to Bandon Dunes golf resort with my dad for our annual father/son golf trip... it should be great! The Bandon Dunes golf course are all rated within the Top 50 golf courses in the country, so I'm looking forward to the challenge... cool pics to follow!

Finally, Shell and I decided to put our house on the market and look for something a little larger and closer to downtown Pdx...

WOW... has that been the last month of my life?!? Oh well, I can't really complain... I got to spend time with friends, family and my lovely wife... really, what else is there in life?

So, that's my update... I'll be back with some more consistent postings after the Bandon trip... until then, enjoy every minute you have like it was your last!