Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hotel Charley Tour Announced

What is Hotel Charley you ask? Well, it's just the best darned kayaking film series known to humankind, which happens to be the product of some very cool people and friends of mine and Shell's: Jesse Coombs and Ben Stookesberry.

Not only are these guys fantastic boaters and ambassadors for our sport, they are genuinely nice guys. You can find a link to thier company "Clear H2O Films" and to their boat brand of choice (which also happens to my own): Jackson Kayak, here on my blog. However, if anyone wants to quickly know where they can see Hotel Charley 4 "At Your Own Risk", here are the recently posted dates and locations:

If you love adventure films, kayaking, both or just want to show your support for some really great guys, you owe it to yourself to come on out and see this film.

I'll see you on the river!


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