Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Cali Scuba Adventure is complete

Well, we've been back from our 10 day scuba diving/Disney road trip and I figured I should get a post up...

First off, the trip was awesome! We did 2 shore dives at Shaw's Cove, Laguna Beach, which was a totally different experience from shore diving in the PacNW... Saw tons of Garabalis, an octopus, moray eel and these huge sea slugs. We also did 2 dive boat charters on the Magician ( Our first trip was with our friends Mark and Erica Vermill, both dive instructors. We had a blast, though the seas were a bit rough on the crossing to Catalina Island. We had 3 great dives and got to experience how bright the waters of SoCal can be. Our second dive was just Shell and I, right before we left to come home. 3 great dives, which included seeing dolphins and a pod of whales on the crossing, a shark, bat ray and two smaller rays while diving and several lobsters. We where hoping for a close encounter with several of the sea lions that were swimming around, but they left us along.

In between dives, Shell and I spent some time in San Diego (yes, we were there when the big earthquake hit Baja, but only felt a few after shocks Sunday night... weird feeling though). We also spent 2 days at Disney, which was AWESOME. Shell took several for Team Funk, by accompanying me on the roller coasters, including the big one at California Adventure... though I'm not sure her eyes were open.

All together a great trip... we are currently planning our summer kayaking adventures and looking into our next warm weather scuba adventure. Until our next road trip, here are some photos of this trip.



Sunrise on our way over to Catalina Island
Bird Rock, Catalina Island... we did 2 dives here on the Magician

Yes, I am sitting in a pink teacup... that's how I roll, what of it??!!??

Someone is excited about being on the Bear Mountain water ride... probably because she knows I'm going to get wet...
Can we get an "F"?!?!

Erica, Mark, Shell and I on the Magician

Getting ready for our last dive of the trip... a couple that dives Force Fins together, stays together

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